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A++ ist höchstens noch D

A++ is at most D

From March 1, 2023, all light sources that have a luminous flux of at least 60 lumens and OLEDs must bear the new energy label.

The previous label, which has offered quick orientation when choosing environmentally friendly and energy-saving products since 1998, was revised in September 2021 and now shows the efficiency classes from A as the best to G as the worst. This means that light sources that were previously available on the market with an A++ rating now have a lower efficiency class (D to F). So far, however, there has been a transitional period for using the old label alongside the new one.

The energy efficiency classes are calculated based on the consumption of energy per time. It should be noted that the calculation of the efficiency class depends not only on the lumens per watt value, but also on other factors such as lamp life and color rendering. You can find out exactly how the new energy efficiency classes are calculated here.
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