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Was ist der CRI Wert?

What is the CRI value?

Colors are perceived differently by us humans in different lighting conditions. The color rendering index, also known by the English term CRI (Colour Rendering Index), indicates how colors are displayed in artificial lighting compared to natural light. Sunlight is the benchmark for optimal color reproduction. The higher the CRI value of the light, the more natural the colors appear. The maximum value for the CRI is 100 Ra. When purchasing lamps, you should therefore also pay attention to the CRI value, especially if the light is used in areas where high color quality is required, such as in museums, photo studios, for lighting goods or in living rooms. If the light has a low CRI value, the colors can appear distorted or unnatural, which can be particularly problematic when selecting and evaluating colors.
Color rendering index (CRI) is determined using a standardized method established by the International Commission on Illumination (CIE). The procedure involves measuring reference colors under artificial light and under natural light conditions.
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