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Was ist der Zhaga-Standard?

What is the Zhaga standard?

The Zhaga standard is an industrial standard that defines the mechanical and electrical interfaces of LED light sources. It was developed to improve the interoperability of LED light sources and luminaires and to simplify the procurement of spare parts. The Zhaga standard includes both fixed and replaceable illuminants and is managed and licensed by an international organization called the Zhaga Consortium.

The Zhaga standard also defines the requirements for the performance, quality and safety of LED light sources. It ensures that LED light sources meet the requirements required for use in various lighting applications. Compliance with these requirements ensures the integrity and reliability of LED light sources.

The Zhaga standard was developed to simplify the integration of LED light sources into existing lighting systems and to improve compatibility between different manufacturers of LED light sources and luminaires. By using Zhaga standards, LED bulbs from different manufacturers can be used in the same fixture, facilitating bulb maintenance and bulb replacement.

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