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Twinkly Plus vs Twinkly: Die Unterschiede

Twinkly Plus vs Twinkly: The differences

Twinkly has established itself in the smart lighting market and is known for its user-friendly smart lighting solutions. With the introduction of Twinkly Plus, the company goes a step further and targets professional applications. But how is Twinkly Plus different from the standard Twinkly series? Let's take a deeper look.

Differences between Twinkly and Twinkly Plus

Feature Twinkly Twinkly Plus
Connectivity Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz) or Bluetooth Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz) and Ethernet
Scope of application Ideal for home use Small hotels, restaurants, stores, architecture, ambitious homeowners and more.
IP protection class IP44 for indoor and seasonal outdoor use
  • IP65 for year-round outdoor use,
  • coated LEDs,
  • thicker cables
Maximum number of controllable LEDs Up to 600 LEDs
  • Up to 1000 LEDs on one controller,
  • up to 15 controllers grouped via WiFi,
  • unlimited via Ethernet
Multi-view mapping
Grouping of multiple devices
Synchronization with Twinkly music dongle
Voice Commands On/Off - Brightness On/Off - Brightness
Import Video Gif Importer via FX-Wizard Gif Importer via FX-Wizard
App availability iOS 13 or later / Android 6 or later iOS 13 or later / Android 6 or later
Security Encrypted internet communication (Gen II only) and restricted user access Encrypted internet communications and restricted user access.

Twinkly Plus represents a significant improvement in the world of smart lighting, offering a powerful and flexible lighting solution. It is aimed at more demanding users and enables professional lighting installations with enhanced connectivity options and improved weather protection. With the ability to connect different products and control a larger number of LEDs, Twinkly Plus is the ideal choice for demanding lighting projects.

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