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Cree XP-E2 SMD LED, red

Same footprint as XP-E, higher lumen values

  • Micro High-Power LED
  • Good heat dissipation
  • Reflowable
  • Square shape

Same footprint as XP-E, higher lumen values

  • 73.9lm power
  • Micro High-Power LED
  • Even heat dissipation
  • Reflowable despite small size

Powerful red Cree LED, 67lm.

  • Cree XP-E2 powerful SMD LED
  • Excellent red light output with 67lm
  • Flexibility of use without PCB
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Cree XP-E2 SMD LED in Red: Intense Brightness and Compact Design

The Cree XP-E2 SMD LED is a high-performance LED that offers an exceptional light output of 67 lumens despite its compact design. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, this energy-efficient LED is an excellent choice for many applications
Powerful light unit, compact design
Our Cree XP-E2 SMD LED is part of the renowned Cree XP family. This product family is appreciated worldwide for its high brightness, performance and durability. The XP-E2 series in particular is characterised by its compact form factor and thus enables discreet integration into a wide range of applications
The power of Cree
The luminaire is manufactured by Cree, a leader in LED technology. Cree has a reputation for producing innovative, high-quality LEDs that are known for their durability and efficiency
Highlights of the Cree XP-E2 SMD LED
  • Radiant brightness: Produces an intense red light with a high-flux brightness of 67 lumens.
  • Robust quality: Manufactured by Cree, the specialist in LED technology.
Possible applications for the Cree XP-E2 SMD LED
The versatile application range of the Cree XP-E2 LED allows it to be used in a wide range of *lighting solutions* that require powerful performance. From commercial applications in shops and showrooms to personal lighting for hobbies and crafts, it offers many benefits due to its high performance and durability
FAQ about the Cree XP-E2 SMD LED
  1. How is the Cree XP-E2 SMD LED installed?
    The Cree XP-E2 SMD-LEDs are designed to be mounted on printed circuit boards. A special LED adhesive or a reflow soldering technique can be used for mounting.

  2. Do I need a special driver for this LED?
    Yes, this LED requires a suitable constant current driver for its operation. The driver provides a constant current flow, which is necessary for the correct and safe function of the LED.

  3. What about heat dissipation?
    Due to its high luminous efficacy, the Cree XP-E2 SMD LED generates little heat. Nevertheless, it may make sense to use a cooling element or another type of heat dissipation system to extend the service life of the LED.
In this way, our products manufactured at LUMITRONIX contribute to sustainability and energy saving. They support compliance with environmental standards and reduce the carbon footprint. In line with our corporate philosophy, we thus contribute to an environmentally friendly and resource-saving future. Visit us for more information and attractive business customer offers on our website.
Technical Details
Manufacturer code
Size (L x W x H)
0.35 cm x 0.35 cm x 0.23 cm
0.001 kg

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