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MiniMatrix LED area module warm white 24V

1x1 single modules as plate, total 1 mini matrices

  • Miniature size 3x3cm
  • 68 lumen light output
  • Flexible use possible
  • Durable Nichia SMD LEDs

2x2 individual modules as a plate, a total of 4 mini matrices

  • More versatile after size reduction
  • LED spacing remains constant
  • High-quality Nichia SMD LEDs

5x5 individual modules as a plate, a total of 25 mini matrices

  • Compact size: 30x30mm per module
  • Luminous: 75,000lm/m²
  • Reliable Nichia LEDs
  • 5-year manufacturer's warranty

9x1 individual modules as a plate, a total of 9 mini matrices

  • Miniature size for flexible use
  • 75,000lm/sqm luminance
  • Use of 4 LEDs per segment
  • Retention of LED spacing

9x14 individual modules as a plate, a total of 126 mini matrices

  • Nichia HighPower SMD LEDs
  • Compact size of 30x30mm
  • Unbeatable 75,000lm per m²
  • 5 years warranty

9x14 individual modules as a plate, a total of 126 mini matrices

  • High performance with 504 LEDs
  • Compact at 30x30mm size
  • Impressive 75,000lm per m²
  • With 5-year warranty

126 matrices, 504 LEDs with 9175lm

  • mini size, maxi power
  • 75,000lm per square metre
  • 5-year warranty
  • Nichia HighPower SMD LEDs
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Revolutionise your lighting with LUMITRONIX MiniMatrix LED area module

Minimise the size, maximise the possibilities. Achieve impressive lighting quality, high efficiency and outstanding flexibility with the LUMITRONIX MiniMatrix LED area module. This innovative Matrix LED module offers an impressive light output of 75,000lm per square metre and is known for being only hand-warm despite its high light output - no need for cooling

The MiniMatrix is a product of the world-renowned and trusted LUMITRONIX brand. With two decades of experience in LED technology, we are proud to develop products like the MiniMatrix that redefine lighting standards.

Why Mini but Powerful?

Despite its reduced size of 30x30mm compared to the standard size of 45x45mm, the MiniMatrix has not lost any of its luminosity. Thanks to the use of high-quality Nichia HighPower SMD LEDs, this module delivers an improved efficiency of up to 148lm/W compared to 88lm/W for the standard version.

Flexibility par excellence

The MiniMatrix has been designed to be used in any combination with other segments to provide the optimum lighting solution for your specific needs. Whether you want to illuminate long strands, complex shapes or large areas, the MiniMatrix offers endless flexibility with minimal space requirements.

Product features
  • Flexible: Reduced dimensions from 45x45mm to 30x30mm.
  • Efficient: Improved efficiency of up to 148 lm/W.
  • High-performance illumination: Light output of over 75,000lm per square metre.
  • Adaptable: Selectable between different light colours (2700K-6500K).
  • Reliable: 5-year warranty.
FAQ about MiniMatrix LED surface module
  1. What power supply voltage does the MiniMatrix LED surface module require?
    It requires a power supply of 24V.

  2. Is the MiniMatrix module suitable for outdoor use?
    No, the module is designed for indoor use and should not be used outside.

  3. How is the MiniMatrix LED surface module installed?
    For a safe installation, plastic washers should be inserted between the screw head and the PCB to avoid mechanical damage to the conductive tracks.
LUMITRONIX - Pioneer in LED technology

With 20 years of experience in LED technology, LUMITRONIX specialises in innovative, energy-efficient and durable LED solutions. Our globally recognised production level underlines the commitment to quality and sustainability. With the MiniMatrix LED surface module, we are pleased to offer a product that embodies these values in every respect. Professionals can choose from our extensive portfolio and demonstrate what is possible with modern lighting technology. Discover the attractive conditions and distribution services of LUMITRONIX.

Technical Details
Light colour
neutral white
Life cycle (h)
200000 h
Manufacturer code
Efficiency (lm/W)
150 (lm/W)
Luminous flux (lm)
9175 (lm)
Color temperature (K)
3500 (K)
CRI (Ra)
Viewing Angle (°)
120 (°)
Power (W)
60.5 (W)
Voltage (V)
24.0 (V)
Electric Current (mA)
2520 (mA)
Size (L x W x H)
41.91 cm x 26.92 cm x 0.23 cm
0.382 kg