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Was ist Tunable White?

What is Tunable White?

Tunable White LED products make it possible to change the color temperature of the light and thus create different moods and effects. This offers some advantages compared to conventional LED lights, which only have a fixed color temperature.

One of the main advantages of Tunable White LED lights is their flexibility and adaptability. You can adapt the color temperature of the light to different times of the day, activities and needs to create comfortable and atmospheric lighting. For example, you can use warm white light in the evening and cool white light in the morning to support the natural rhythm of the day.

Another benefit of Tunable White LED lights is their energy efficiency. Because you can adjust the color temperature of the light, you don't have to buy multiple lights with different color temperatures to create different moods. Instead, you can achieve multiple effects with just one light, saving electricity and money.

Finally, Tunable White LED lights also offer improved visual performance. The ability to change the color temperature of light allows colors to be better reproduced and enhanced. This can be particularly beneficial for creative activities such as painting and photography.

Overall, Tunable White LED lights offer flexibility, energy efficiency and enhanced visual performance.

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