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Smart fairy lights

Control with app or voice
Twinkly for home users Twinkly Plus for professionals

Highest LED density

Cluster light chains from
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LED light chains

Topseller from - Great quality at a low price
So good that we prefer...

Light like a waterfall

LED cassettes fairy lights
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5 to 10 times less energy

than a conventional incandescent lamp

1 EUR Electricity costs

per month, with 8h burning time, for 30 days.

Long life

= low cost and little waste

Fairy lights are not only available in strand...

How easy it is to save energy

Fairy lights create a magical atmosphere. But the many lights do not have to shine when no one sees you. Our timers turn the lights on and off automatically, saving energy.

Like real. And really practical.

Who does not wish for that? A tree that doesn't needle, that is the ideal size, on which the LED lights are perfectly distributed and that you can simply pack away again when you no longer need it: You can't tell the new "Grandis Fir" Christmas tree is a real tree until you take a closer look. And what's more, it comes with a warranty of up to 12 years.
Genuinely sustainable.

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Our classics

Great quality at a great price: The light chains of our own brand convince with beautiful light colors, low energy consumption and a long service life. Thanks to their IP44 protection, they are also well suited for outdoor use. View light chains


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