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Everything you need

NEW: Starter sets for area lighting and linear lighting
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Best seller with many accessories

MultiBar LED strips: simple and affordable
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Well protected against water

Potted and robust: Suitable for ponds, pools, aquariums and more.
Poseidon LED Strip (flexible) Neptune LED bar (rigid)

LumiFlex COB Eco

Homogeneous light distribution over a length of 5 m
White and colored versions

Which LED modules are you looking for?

Rigid LED strips

The classic. Simple and inexpensive.

Flexible LED strips

Self-adhesive, up to 5m long and easily separable.

Matrix LED modules

Area light, expandable in all directions.

LumiFlex Eco

Most sold, 12V or 24V, only in 5m rolls, divisible, dimmable

LumiFlex Pro

Best light properties, LEDs from Nichia, 5 years warranty

Quality made in Germany

LinearZ LED Strip

Zhaga compliant LED strips

LinearZ LED modules are Zhaga standard and compatible with many common luminaires. They have solderless cable clamps and are available in lengths of 140 mm, 280 mm and 560 mm. There are also versions with special LEDs such as Nichia 2in1 Tunable White LEDs.

SmartArray LED modules

Powerful LED point light sources

SmartArray LED modules are the ideal choice for replacing COB modules in high-intensity luminaires. They are flat and compact and can be easily integrated into any luminaire design. Our SmartArrays are developed and produced in-house and are equipped with high-quality Nichia LEDs. Dim2Warm and Tunable White technology are also available. Replace your COB modules with SmartArray LED modules.