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LED strip (flexible)

Flexible LED strips have several advantages over rigid LED strips. They are easier and more versatile to use due to the flexible material and the mostly adhesive back. Also with regard to the length of up to 5 meters, LED flexible strips can realize completely different dimensions. Most LED strips are divisible and dimmable.

Since flexible LED strips need explanation, this page is curated for you. Go to the classic category page with filter and comparison options: All LED Strips (flexible)

LumiFlex LED Strip

LED strips - Highlights from the LumiFlex PRO family

LumiFlex700 PRO Sunlike

LED strip with sunlight LEDs

LumiFlex560 PRO Tunable White

With 2in1 TW LEDs from Nichia

New: LumiFlex600 PRO RGBW

One LED Strip - Many Colors

Well protected against water

Potted and robust: Suitable for ponds, pools, aquariums and more.
Poseidon LED Strip (flexible) Neptune LED bar (rigid)

LumiFlex COB Eco

Homogeneous light distribution over a length of 5 m
White and colored versions

Colored ambient light

LumiFlex COB Eco - homogeneous and efficient
In blue, green and red

LED strips (flexible) for special use