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Was steckt hinter der Optisolis und Sunlike-LED-Technologie?

What is behind the Optisolis and Sunlike LED technology?

Sunlike and Optisolis are phosphor technologies that make it possible to emit LED light that is particularly similar to sunlight. They are typically used in lighting applications where natural daylight is required, such as offices, schools and hospitals.

SunLike and Optisolis LEDs produce light that closely resembles natural sunlight, with a color temperature range of approximately 2,700 to 6,500 Kelvin. They are typically more energy efficient than traditional high CRI LEDs and last a very long time. They can also be dimmable and produce a wide range of colours.

The two daylight technologies were developed for the same purpose, with Sunlike being researched and commercialized by Seoul Semiconductor and Optisolis by Nichia Chemical.

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