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Was kostet der Betrieb einer LED-Lichterkette wirklich?

How much does it really cost to run a string of LED lights?

In times of global and regional challenges, such as the Ukraine war in winter 2022, the importance of saving energy was clearly highlighted. Even during the festive season, calls were made to minimize the operation of Christmas lights. But what is the real impact of LED fairy lights on electricity consumption? In this post, we examine the actual cost of running LED fairy lights and compare it to other everyday activities.

Energy efficiency of LED fairy lights

LED fairy lights are an energy-efficient alternative to traditional incandescent fairy lights. Using only about 0.05 to 10 watts per LED compared to 25 to 100 watts for traditional incandescent lights, operating costs are significantly lower.

Calculation of operating costs

The formula for calculating operating costs is: operating costs = power (watts) x operating hours x electricity price per kWh.

Example: a string of LED lights with an output of 10 watts operated 6 hours per day for a month (30 days), at an electricity price of 0.30€ per kWh, would cost the following:

Operating cost = 10W x 6 hours/day x 30 days x 0.30€/kWh = 0.54€

Comparison with other daily activities
  • Running a string of LED lights for an entire season: approx. 0.54€
  • Making a cup of coffee: approx. 0.10€
  • Washing one load of laundry: approx. 0.30€
  • Running an energy-efficient refrigerator for one month: approx. 2.00€ - 3.00€
  • TV set for one month: 3.60€

The numbers show that running a string of LED lights is negligible compared to many everyday activities.

Every contribution counts

Every energy saving contribution is important, especially in difficult times. But the data shows that the operation of LED fairy lights is a minimal part of the total electricity consumption. Therefore, it is possible to create a festive atmosphere without neglecting energy efficiency.


At a time when saving energy is of great importance, LED fairy lights offer a way to maintain the festive mood without driving up the electricity bill. By switching to LED fairy lights, you can not only save energy, but also enjoy the joy and warmth of the festive season. Let the lights shine on, where quality and energy efficiency go hand in hand to make your festive lighting both joyful and responsible.

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