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Nachhaltige Lichttechnik: Ökodesign-Richtlinie gibt die Richtung an

Sustainable lighting technology: Ecodesign directive sets the direction

In the course of climate change and global warming, the issue of sustainability is now firmly established in political and social awareness. As a consequence, all market participants have to deal with their impact in terms of sustainability, regardless of whether they are motivated by moral motives or driven by increasing legal pressure and regulatory requirements.

The lighting industry makes an important contribution to overall energy savings, not least through the steadily increasing use of modern LED light sources compared to conventional technologies. Energy labeling under EU legislation is intended to help drive energy-intensive products off the market. The new Ecodesign Directive has been in force since September 2021, which entails high technical requirements for efficiency. Many existing LED solutions, which previously had a good energy efficiency class (EEK), are only classified in the lower range of the scale from A to G according to the new specifications.

Innovation and sustainability go hand in hand

Since many users are increasingly demanding sustainable lighting solutions and the EEK has a significant influence on purchasing decisions, the lighting industry is reacting by upgrading its products to the best possible technical standard. By successfully linking innovation and sustainability, more and more efficient and resource-saving LED solutions will be used.

Particular attention is paid to environmentally friendly lighting solutions that fulfill the basic standards and regulations in an exemplary manner and also score points with sustainability principles within the entire value chain. Because responsible and ecological action is increasingly in the focus of consumers.

Maximum efficiency and at the same time the best light quality for sustainable light sources

In order to meet the high requirements of the new eco-design directive, the proven LinearZ product family (1ft modules) has been expanded to include three new LED assemblies fitted with Nichia LEDs. Thanks to the patented TriGain phosphor technology, they impress with excellent color rendering (at least CRI 90) without impairing the efficiency of the LED modules. With these new developments, modern linear lights for commercial use can safely achieve the high energy efficiency class A or B.

Reduce environmental influences with intelligent control

Principles of sustainability can be further considered in the functionality of the lamp. By using sensors, the controller can ensure, for example, that the light is only switched on as required when a person enters the room (motion detection). A sensor in the lighting system can also record the environmental conditions (brightness) and use the integrated dimming function to adjust the intensity or color of the light accordingly.

Intelligent lighting control can technically optimally implement the principle of illuminance "as much as necessary, as little as possible". Economically and ecologically designed lighting solutions convince the user and protect our environment at the same time.
If you would like to find out more about smart control technology from LUMITRONIX ® , you can read our article here with application examples for individual lighting control .

Sustainable innovation opportunities for climate-friendly light

As an established supplier for the lighting industry, LUMITRONIX ® has been manufacturing LED modules for light sources and the appropriate control units with the highest quality standards in its in-house production facility in Hechingen for over 15 years.

Volker Kokula (head of development – ​​LUMITRONIX ® )

In order to extend the service life of flexible LED circuit boards, LUMITRONIX ® has developed LumProtect ® , a new type of super-thin coating that makes the module extremely stable and protects it from water and chemicals, but also from physical influences.

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