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SMD LED without PCB with 254lm and 2700K.

  • Nichia SMD LED without PCB
  • High colour rendering: CRI80
  • High luminosity: 254lm
  • Warm white light colour: 2700K

Powerful 2W SMD LED, max 1800mA

  • Higher brightness and efficiency
  • Powerful 2W SMD output
  • With robust ceramic packaging
  • Improved series from Nichia

max. 1800mA

  • 219C Package
  • 2W Power LED
  • Single Chip
  • Ceramic Housing

Maximum current with 1800mA

  • 9% brighter than predecessor model
  • Maximum current: 1800mA
  • Highly clockable 2W power LED
  • Robust ceramic housing

High efficiency LED, max. 1800mA

  • Improved brightness and efficiency
  • Max. current of 1800mA
  • 2W power LED with single chip
  • Robust ceramic housing

Power LED, 2W, max. 1800mA, ceramic housing

  • 9% brighter & more efficient than predecessor
  • New best values at 1800mA current
  • Includes 10x10mm PCB
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Illuminating innovation: Nichia NVSL219CT SMD LED

Experience the impressive luminosity and efficiency of the Nichia NVSL219CT SMD LED, a quality product from the world's leading LED manufacturer Nichia, now with the latest 219C technology and increased brightness

Thanks to Nichia's continuous research and development efforts, we have the opportunity to present the latest 219C series. Known for its considerable brightness and efficiency, this series outshines its predecessor, the 219B-V1, with 9% higher brightness and efficiency. The 219C series achieves new best values primarily through a current rating of 1800mA.

Unique design for uniform light

In addition, the 219C Series sets new standards for uniformly beautiful light through the use of MacAdam binning. Combined with the electrically insulated thermal pad, the LED is flexible and offers options like you've never had before.

The advantages of the Nichia 219C series at a glance:
  • Luminosity: 9% brighter than the previous 219B-V1 series.
  • Efficiency: 9% more efficient than the previous 219B-V1 series.
  • Current: Up to 1800mA current.
  • Binning: Use of MacAdam binning achieves high colour homogeneity.

Features of the Nichia NVSL219CT SMD LED

  • Housing: Robust ceramic housing
  • Dimensions: Compact size of 3.5x3.5x2.0mm
  • Chip: High performance single chip
Nichia - world leader in LED technology

As a distributor for Nichia we offer you extended services and attractive conditions for this product. Nichia is known for its innovative spirit, highest quality and reliability. With more than 60 years of experience, tireless research and constant innovation, Nichia has secured a firm place at the forefront of the LED industry. We are pleased to offer you these high quality products and to assist you with our own experience and business customer services.

Applications for the Nichia NVSL219CT SMD LED
  • Street lighting: for safe illumination of traffic routes
  • Panel lighting: for uniform illumination of surfaces
  • Lamp and spot lighting: for targeted, effective lighting situations
  • Down lights: for wide-area illumination from above
FAQ about the Nichia NVSL219CT SMD LED
  1. What is the difference between the 219C series and the 219B-V1 series?
    The 219C series has 9% higher brightness and efficiency and a higher current rating of 1800mA.

  2. What is MacAdam Binning?
    MacAdam Binning is a method of guaranteeing colour uniformity of a light source.

  3. What can the Nichia NVSL219CT SMD LED be used for?
    There are many possible applications, ranging from street lighting and panel lighting to lamp and spot lighting and down lights.
Technical Details
Light colour
Warm white
Manufacturer code
NVSL219CT sm275/D240-260/L1-M1/R8000
Luminous flux (lm)
254 (lm)
Color temperature (K)
2700 (K)
CRI (Ra)
Viewing Angle (°)
120 (°)
Power (W)
2.09 (W)
Voltage (V)
2.98 (V)
Electric Current (mA)
700 (mA)
Size (L x W x H)
0.35 cm x 0.35 cm x 0.2 cm
0.001 kg

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