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Twinkly Plus: Professional smart lighting for everyone

Twinkly Plus is the ideal choice for upscale customers seeking professional and interconnected lighting installations. With the same ease of use as Twinkly, Twinkly Plus impresses with higher IP protection, more robust cables for year-round use and extended connectivity options via Ethernet or wireless over long distances. Learn more about the differences between the Twinkly and Twinkly Plus product lines in our blog post.

Robust and durable

IP65 and thicker cables make Twinkly Plus more durable and usable all year round

Up to 15,000 LEDs

Interconnect up to 15 controllers with up to 1000 LEDs each

Connect long distances

Combine elements over further distances via Ethernet or WiFi

Connect devices

Easily connect Twinkly devices and combine effects

16 Mio colors

Infinite number of customizable effects with 16 million colors

Synchronize music

Let the Twinkly LEDs light up in time with the music

It's that simple...

With Twinkly Plus, you enjoy the ease of use that Twinkly offers, but you can create more extensive, cohesive effects. The Twinkly App opens up a universe of possibilities to transform your LED lighting into a fascinating light spectacle. Through the Twinkly App, you have the ability to create your custom lighting design and gain full control over your Twinkly products. Learn more about the Twinkly mapping functionality and technology in our blog post.



Map with app




Up to 15,000 LEDs with Twinkly Plus

With the ability to map over 15,000 LEDs, Twinkly Plus opens up expanded lighting horizons: the products in the Twinkly Plus series are compatible with each other, enabling seamless integration and expansion of your lighting system. As a result, it is particularly targeted at demanding users who want to create impressive lighting scenarios without much effort.

Twinkly Plus is designed so that no electricians, event technicians or programmers are required for installation and operation. Even without prior technical knowledge, you can realize professional lighting installations and enrich your environment with unique light compositions.

  • Wie funktioniert das Twinkly-Mapping?

    How does Twinkly mapping work?

    Twinkly's patented mapping technology uses computer vision to create a virtual LED layout and provide custom lighting control. Learn more about the mapping technology and functionality here.
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