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7 ways to light up your Christmas tree

Tree coat from Konstsmide

With the tree coat from Konstsmide, decorating the tree is child's play. Simply put the metal ring over the top of the tree and distribute the eight strands attached to it in the tree branches. The tree coat is available with different lights, lengths and is even app-controlled.

1-2 Glow by Lumineo

At the upper end of the 1-2 Glow LED light chains there is a ring that is placed around the top of the tree. Light strands of different lengths are attached to the chain. Easily wrap these strands around the tree. The length of the strands increases with the width of the tree downwards. The fairy lights have an 8-hour timer and a 5-level dimming function.

Fairy lights from

If you are looking for top quality at an affordable price, we recommend the classic fairy lights from, which you simply wrap around the tree. They are available in different light colors and lengths and can also be used outdoors without any problems thanks to IP44 protection and an external transformer.

Candle chain by Konstsmide

The "Topbirne One String" light chain from Konstsmide can also be wrapped around your tree in the classic way. The distance between the candles ensures a coherent picture. There is a choice of one for indoors and one for outdoors. Depending on the size of the tree, there are chains of different lengths with different numbers of candles.

cluster light chain

Bunch of fairy lights are very trendy. The LEDs are attached to the cable at very close intervals and thus ensure a special fullness and bright sparkle. Different light colors are available and thanks to IP44 protection, the fairy lights are also suitable for trees in the garden or terrace.