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Nichia NCS*E17AT SMD LED colored

E17 series in blue with flip chip technology

  • SMD LED in blue from Nichia
  • With efficient flip-chip technology
  • Extremely compact chip-scale package
  • Bright with 18 lumens

Royal blue SMD LED in the E17 CSP

  • Lights up in bright royal blue
  • Nichia quality in chip-scale package
  • Modern flip-chip technology
  • Flat design thanks to CSP

Amber-coloured LED with flip-chip technology

  • Amber SMD LED
  • Chip scale package design
  • Thin phosphor layer
  • High luminosity with 124lm

E17 series in amber, efficient flip-chip technology!

  • Amber-coloured SMD LED
  • With efficient flip-chip technology
  • Occupies almost the entire surface
  • In the proven chip-scale package

E17 series, green, with flip-chip tech

  • Flat design thanks to CSP
  • Efficient flip-chip technology
  • Power of 208lm
  • Extension of the E17 series

E17 series, green, flip chip, 208lm

  • Green SMD LED from Nichia
  • Chip-Scale-Package Technology
  • Effective Flip-Chip Technology
  • High luminosity with 208lm

Red SMD LED with chip scale package

  • Coloured extension of the E17 series
  • Chip-scale package design
  • High output of 32lm
  • Red light emission

Red SMD LED with phosphor conversion

  • Red Nichia SMD LED
  • Chip-Scale-Package Design
  • Efficient Flip-Chip Technology
  • With 10x10mm PCB
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Accessories - Editorially selected

Nichia NCSCE17AT - A radiant addition to your lighting!

The Nichia NCSCE17AT, the captivating SMD LED in Royal Blue, is an exciting and innovative addition to the already renowned E17 series from global market leader Nichia. With its unique flip-chip technology and phosphor conversion, this LED is a first-class choice for a wide range of applications
NCSCE17AT - Technology meets design

When choosing an LED, quality, as offered by the NCSCE17AT SMD LED, is crucial. The design in the proven chip-scale package (CSP) means that the LED chip occupies almost the entire LED surface, ensuring excellent heat dissipation. In other words, a longer service life is guaranteed.

Nichia - The front-runner in LED technology

As the largest LED manufacturer in the world, Nichia is known for its innovative approach and constant drive for progress. Not only are they the inventors of the blue and white light emitting diode, but they also set new standards in efficiency and brightness. We are proud to work closely with Nichia as a distributor and can therefore offer our customers particularly attractive conditions. Experienced specialists and excellent distribution services are just a click away.

High-end lighting and sustainability with Lumitronix

Even though the NCSCE17AT LED is manufactured by Nichia, we at Lumitronix look back on 20 years of experience and produce a wide range of long-lasting and sustainable solutions directly in Germany. Our customised, sustainable and environmentally friendly LEDs are the result of our continuous innovation and ownership of quality.

What's special about the NCSCE17AT LED

What makes the NCSCE17AT LED so special are its features that make it ideal for applications with a wide colour spectrum. The base is a blue LED chip that emits the desired light colour through a special phosphor layer.

Features of the NCSCE17AT SMD LED

  • Light colour: Royal blue
  • Technology: E17 Chip-Scale-Package (CSP)
  • Optimum heat dissipation: flip-chip technology
  • Light quality: Phosphor conversion

Application areas of the Nichia NCSCE17AT

  • Various environments: Downlights, Spotlights, High Bay
  • Versatility: Portable luminaires, PAR luminaires
  • Specific lighting: Special lighting
FAQ about the Nichia NCSCE17AT SMD LED
  1. What does phosphor conversion mean for the NCSCE17AT LED?
    Phosphor conversion in the NCSCE17AT enables a wider range of colours. In the NCSCE17AT, the blue LED chip is given the desired light colour by a special phosphor layer.

  2. What is the service life of the NCSCE17AT LED?
    Due to the flip-chip technology, which ensures improved heat dissipation, and the quality of the market leader Nichia, the NCSCE17AT LED offers an impressive service life.

  3. What applications are suitable for the NCSCE17AT?
    The versatility of the NCSCE17AT LED makes it ideal for a wide range of applications, including downlights, spotlights, high bay, portable luminaires, PAR luminaires and for particular special lighting.
Technical Details
Light colour
royal blue
Manufacturer code
NCSCE17AT V2/H14f4/L12-M21
Efficiency (lm/W)
17 (lm/W)
Luminous flux (lm)
18 (lm)
Power (W)
1.1 (W)
Voltage (V)
3.0 (V)
Electric Current (mA)
350 (mA)
Size (L x W x H)
1 cm x 1 cm x 0.3 cm
0.008 kg

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