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UV LED for industrial applications

  • 370mW Power
  • Wavelength of 405nm
  • Nichia Quality Brand
  • Without PCB

High-power UV LED from Nichia, 385nm

  • High power UV LED from Nichia
  • Without board, power: 350mW
  • Wavelengths: 365, 385, 405nm

High power UV SMD LED from Nichia

  • Innovative through Nichia research
  • Long life and brightness
  • Efficient and professional
  • Wavelengths: 365nm, 385nm, 405nm

Versatile UV LED for industrial applications

  • Manufacturer: Nichia
  • Wavelengths: 365nm, 385nm, 405nm
  • SMD LED UV, 275 Package
  • Ideal for Industrial Applications

UV SMD LED with 148mW and 365nm

  • From the house of the LED world market leader
  • High power with 148mW
  • Optimal for professional processing
  • Available in 365nm, 385nm, 405nm

UV SMD LED with 370mW, 405nm

  • From world-leading LED manufacturer Nichia
  • High efficiency, long-lasting performance
  • Ideal for professional applications
  • Morsetzungen: 365nm, 385nm, 405nm
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Nichia NCSU275 UV SMD LED: Versatile and efficient

The Nichia NCSU275 UV SMD LED, with 10x10mm PCB and 148mW at 365nm, is a product of Nichia, one of the leading manufacturers in the LED industry. Its versatility and efficiency enable diverse applications, especially in the industrial sector

It is part of Nichia's NCSU series, which is characterised by its high durability and brightness. Nichia's innovative breakthrough research makes these UV SMD LEDs among the most efficient and powerful on the market. In addition, the fine selection offers great added value for professional processing.

Unique features of the Nichia NCSU275 UV SMD LED
  • SMD LED UV technology
  • Package: 275 Package
  • Available wavelengths: 365nm, 385nm, 405nm
  • Risk group 3 (EN 62471)
  • Compact dimensions (LxWxH): 3.5x3.5x0.88mm
To Nichia and its Standards of Excellence

Even though Nichia is already known as the inventor of the blue (and thus also the white) light-emitting diode, the company is still at the forefront through its ongoing innovation efforts. Its product lines, including the NCSU series, feature a combination of outstanding brightness, lifetime and efficiency - characteristics that have made Nichia a world leader in the LED sector.

We focus on quality and reliability

As an authorised distributor and long-standing partner of Nichia, LUMITRONIX places particular emphasis on quality and reliability. We also apply these principles to the range of LED technologies we offer our customers. The durability and longevity of our products also make an important contribution to a sustainable, energy-efficient future.

FAQ for the Nichia NCSU275 UV SMD LED
  1. What applications are suitable for the Nichia NCSU275 UV SMD LED?
    The Nichia NCSU275 SMD LED is suitable for industrial applications, medical equipment, testing and sorting equipment, UV light cameras and curing processes.

  2. Are there any safety risks when using the Nichia NCSU275 UV SMD LED?
    Yes, this LED emits UV light that can be harmful to eyes and skin. It falls into risk group 3 (EN 62471). Therefore, the product should only be used by trained personnel.

  3. Is special equipment required for handling?
    Yes, it is recommended to wear suitable protective goggles and gloves to avoid exposure to UV light.
Technical Details
Light colour
Manufacturer code
NCSU275 Ua365/Pz-P1/Lk1-M2
Viewing Angle (°)
120 (°)
Power (W)
1.825 (W)
Voltage (V)
3.65 (V)
Electric Current (mA)
500 (mA)
Size (L x W x H)
1 cm x 0.98 cm x 0.25 cm
0.0 kg

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