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Gladly imitate: Save energy and conserve resources!

It is often the little things that add up to big things. Beyond our certified environmental management, a responsible use of our resources is very important to us. Therefore, we try to act sustainably every day through various measures, save energy and avoid waste.

We manufacture and sell efficient and sustainable products. Saving energy is our core business.

We cover more than half of our electricity needs with our solar system. In addition, we use 100% green electricity.

Transport is the third largest CO2 polluter. Our employees use job bikes and our vehicle fleet is electric.

We use pendulum packaging. These are exactly matched to the contents and we avoid a lot of waste.

Returns are not destroyed by us but tested for all functions. If everything fits, they go back on sale.

Areas where permanent light is not required are equipped with sensors and are lit only as needed.

We reuse packaging that is still good. This saves waste and resources.

We do not discharge waste heat from our production directly, but use it for heating.

Thanks to optimized processes in our paperless offices, we can dispense with paper-based documents.

LED lamps with energy efficiency class A

Time to change

Consume less and last longer: the new ultra-efficient LED lamps with EEK A.

Change LED lamps now:
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