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Ultra efficient LED lamps

Up to 60% less energy consumption

The new ultra-efficient lamps consume only a good third compared to conventional LED lamps.

Three times longer service life

With a service life of up to 50,000 hours, the ultra-efficient lamps are particularly durable.

Good for the environment and for the wallet

The long life and high efficiency saves money and effort.

Fewer emissions and less waste

The new LED lamps not only reduce CO2 emissions but also waste and energy consumption.

Good for the environment and for the wallet

The new ultra-efficient LED lamps of the latest generation save energy and money.

To compare LED lamps, it is best to look at the lumen value and not the wattage as in the past. The unit lumen (Latin for "light") for luminous flux provides information about the radiant power of a light source, taking into account the fact that the human eye is differently sensitive to light of different wavelengths.

The lm/W value indicates the efficiency of the light source and is decisive for the classification of lamps into the new energy efficiency class.

Time to change

The switch from incandescent lamps to modern LED technology was the first step.

Now the next can follow.

There is new savings potential in every household thanks to the new ultra-efficient LED lamps.

A++ is now D to F

The shape remains. The efficiency increases.

Since 1911, there have been commercially produced incandescent lamps with tungsten filaments, followed by lamps with modern LED technology. Now, ultra-efficient LED lamps offer new savings potential.

Conventional incandescent lamp

40 watts, 10 lm/W, 410 lumens 1.000 hours lifetime

LED lamp (2017)

6 watts, 95 lm/W, 470 lumens 15,000 hours lifetime

New LED lamp EEK A

4 watts, 210 lm/W, 840 lumens 50,000 hours lifetime

It's so easy to save energy every day

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