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Carclo 20mm LED lens, optimized for Nichia, Cree

by carclo

Optimal adaptation to LEDs

  • Optimised for Nichia, Cree LEDs
  • Narrow beam angle from 3°-26°
  • Direct stick-on or fix
  • Clear 20mm LED lens

Optimal lens for Nichia & Cree LEDs

  • Optimised for Nichia & Cree LEDs
  • Beam angle: 26°-45°
  • Diffuse light diffusion
  • High quality produced by Carclo

Optimum light diffusion, 9°-33° beam angle

  • 20mm LED lens by Carclo
  • Optimised for Nichia, Cree
  • Focus: 9°-33° beam angle
  • Diffuser for optimal diffusion

Oval beam angle, ideal for Nichia, Cree

  • Optimised for Nichia, Cree
  • 20mm LED lens
  • Oval beam angle
  • Clear, high-quality optics

Optimised for Nichia, Cree LEDs, 9°-27° beam angle

  • Optimised for Nichia, Cree LEDs
  • 9°-27° narrow beam angle
  • Diffuse light spread
  • Manufactured by Carclo
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Carclo 20mm LED lens, optimised for maximum light output

The Carclo 20mm LED lens offers excellent light output and flexibility. It is optimised for use with Nichia and Cree LEDs, among others. With an average beam angle of 26°-45° and its diffuse light, it delivers a glare-free, uniform lighting result
Innovation and performance from Carclo lenses
Carclo is a recognised manufacturer of cutting-edge optics. This 20mm lens represents an outstanding product in their range. Its specific design allows it to deliver optimum light distribution with the LED in question
Features and benefits of the Carclo LED lens
  • Optimisation: Specially matched to Nichia and Cree LEDs
  • Beam angle: 26°-45° for flexible lighting design
  • Diffusion: Uniform and glare-free illumination
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FAQ about the Carclo 20mm LED lens
  1. Can the lens also be used with other LED types?
    Yes, but it is specially optimised for use with Nichia and Cree LEDs.

  2. What is the beam angle of the lens?
    The lens has an average beam angle of 26°-45°, which allows flexible lighting designs.

  3. What does diffuse light mean?
    Diffuse light is emitted evenly in all directions, resulting in glare-free lighting.
Technical Details
Manufacturer code
10196/ Frosted Wide
Size (L x W x H)
1 cm x 1.97 cm x 0.99 cm
0.002 kg

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