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Our bestseller LumiFlex Eco now with 700 LEDs
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Impressive lighting effects

RGBW LED strip set with music sensor and individual control
Discover iFlex300 Eco now

Ultra efficient LED lamps

Consume less energy and last longer
LED lamps with EEK A
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SMART Home: App-controlled light


SmartArray LED modules

Small and bright

SmartArray LED modules are designed for use in high-intensity luminaires as a replacement for COB modules. Thanks to their flat and compact design, they can be integrated into almost any luminaire design and are easy to install. Developed and produced in-house, SmartArrays are equipped with LEDs from the
world market leader Nichia and are also available with Dim2Warm and Tunable White technology.

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Ultra efficient LED lamps

Time to change

Consume less and last longer: the new ultra-efficient LED lamps with EEK A.

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Intelligent light decoration

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LumiFlex70 set

Save in set

The LumiFlex70 set with one meter of warm white flex strips includes a matching aluminum surface profile and diffuse cover for homogeneous light distribution.

60 % cheaper

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    Tips for saving energy

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    Lumens? Lux? Candela?

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