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Twinkly - Die Story hinter dem Unternehmen

Twinkly - The story behind the company

Twinkly, a brand of the Italian technology company Ledworks, began its journey in 2016 with the aim of revolutionizing the world of decorative lighting. Behind the company was a group of visionary entrepreneurs with experience in hardware design, software development and marketing of digital products. The initial idea was to transform classic holiday decorations and lighting products into smart devices that cater to our increasingly digital and connected society.

The journey began with a groundbreaking patent application in 2015 by Marco Franciosa that addressed the positioning of lights in space. After being founded in 2016, Twinkly launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to fund and launch the project. In the years that followed, Twinkly quickly became a global brand, revolutionizing the world of decorative lighting with a range of technologically advanced, patented and award-winning products.

The company expanded its vision beyond seasonal décor and began using its innovative technology to create stunning large-scale lighting installations. After establishing itself in the seasonal lighting industry, Twinkly took on the challenge of moving into residential lighting as well. In line with the rapid development and adoption of new technologies in an increasingly connected world, Twinkly continues to strive for growth and innovation, aiming to become one of the key players in the Internet of Things industry.

Twinkly, as a leading Italian tech company in the smart lighting industry, has a mission to bring digital innovation to the world of home and professional lighting. From transforming classic holiday decorations to creating large-scale lighting installations for business customers and finally launching residential lighting products, the company is always looking ahead to play a central role in the IoT industry.

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