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ConextPlay male module, 1 LED, 2.5x2.5cm, 5V

Green LED module for plugging and playing

  • Patented Conext connection system
  • Creation of various shapes
  • Playfully simple handling
  • Module size: 2.5 x 2.5 cm

Simple jigsaw connection of LED modules

  • Patented Conext connection system
  • Any shape design possible
  • Playfully simple handling

Modular LED with simple plug-in connection

  • Male module with red 5V LED
  • Patented Conext system
  • Flexible shaping possible
  • Easy assembly

Conext connection system: LED modules like puzzle pieces

  • Innovative Conext connection technology
  • Easy to assemble like a puzzle
  • Compact dimensions: 2.5x2.5cm
  • Operating voltage 5V
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The ConextPlay male module by LUMITRONIX: Integrative LED design made easy

The ConextPlay male module with a size of 2.5 x 2.5 cm integrates a green LED and operates with a 5 V voltage. Thanks to the patented Conext connection system from LUMITRONIX, LED modules can be linked together easily and intuitively. Discover the versatility and innovative manufacturing technology of the ConextPlay male module for smooth and creative LED design

LUMITRONIX has been a leading specialist in LED lighting solutions for 20 years and impresses with its broad industry knowledge and specialised high-end production lines. LUMITRONIX's promise of quality pays off: by manufacturing in Germany, we can guarantee a long service life for our products and actively contribute to sustainability.

The ConextPlay male module - a versatile scope for creativity

The highlight of the ConextPlay male module is the specially developed Conext connection system. Without any soldering, cables or plugs, the modules can be easily and playfully connected to each other. There are no limits to your design freedom - from simple series connections to complex shapes, everything is possible. Thus, with the Conext connection system, we offer you an extensive range of design options and maximum user-friendliness.

Features of the ConextPlay male module
  • Playful connecting thanks to the patented Conext connecting system
  • Maximum compatibility thanks to the universal ConextPlay concept
  • Simple power supply via the power feed module with USB-C connector
  • Intuitive operation via the push-button on the power supply module
  • Functionality: on/off, dimming, fade
  • Stable 5 V constant voltage
  • Possibility to link up to 150 modules
  • Durability due to 5-year warranty
General information on the ConextPlay series

The various modules of the ConextPlay series by LUMITRONIX are characterised by high compatibility and flexible design options. All modules are equipped with a Nichia 757 series LED and are available in four different colours: red, green, blue and warm white (2700 K). Combine the different ConextPlay modules to create a variety of unique shapes and colour combinations - there are no limits to your imagination.

FAQ for ConextPlay male module
  1. What makes the ConextPlay male module unique?
    Thanks to the specially developed and patented Conext connection system, the module can be easily and intuitively connected to other modules, without any soldering or additional cables.

  2. What voltage does the module require?
    The ConextPlay male module is operated with a stable 5V constant voltage.

  3. What colour is the LED in the module?
    This particular model has a green LED. In total, there are four colours to choose from in the ConextPlay modules: Red, green, blue and warm white (2700 K).
Technical Details
Light colour
Life cycle (h)
60000 h
Manufacturer code
Efficiency (lm/W)
90 (lm/W)
Luminous flux (lm)
9 (lm)
Viewing Angle (°)
120 (°)
Power (W)
0.1 (W)
Voltage (V)
5.0 (V)
Electric Current (mA)
20 (mA)
Size (L x W x H)
4.09 cm x 2.45 cm x 0.23 cm
0.002 kg