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Everything in the set you need to get started

You can get started right away with our starter sets, because all the necessary components are included: one set for area lighting, one for linear lighting and one for creative solutions. The series is supplemented by the ConextPlay starter set, which offers a playful introduction to the subject of light. You save considerably with all sets compared to buying the individual components. In addition, there are many other suitable accessories for the MultiBar LED strips.



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Starter set MultiBar

It doesn't matter whether it's lighting behind the television, an indirect ambient light or the direct lighting of a room - with our MultiBar44 starter set you get the right products to get started. You can simply shorten MultiBar strips to the right length and line them up with direct connectors. There are also many matching accessories for the MultiBar bars.

Only €69.90 as a set

4x MultiBar44 LED bars

1x universal switching power supply

1x power supply adapter 30 cm

3x direct connectors


BackMatrix starter set

The two BackMatrix49 Performer LED modules are each equipped with 49 high-quality Nichia LEDs with a color temperature of 2700 K and achieve a luminous flux of 2320 lumens. Due to their special shape, they can be nested to provide even more light output in a small space. The set is supplemented by all the necessary components for installing and operating homogeneous and highly efficient area lighting.

Only €59.90 as a set

2x BackMatrix49 LED modules

1x Self SLD30-24VL-E power supply

5m two-wire cable

1x lay-up tool


Starter set MiniMatrix

With the MiniMatrix starter set, creativity can be given free rein when it comes to lighting. Because the matrix modules can be individually plugged into different shapes due to their versatile connection options. In this way, they can be used for a wide range of applications. They are also ideally suited for converting lights with old lighting technology to modern LED technology.

In a set only €44.90

4x MiniMatrix 2x2 LED modules

1x universal switching power supply 24 V

1x power supply adapter 30 cm

15x direct connectors


ConextPlay Starter Set

The ConextPlay starter set offers the special combination of creative play and accent lighting. Thanks to the patented Conext® connection system, the ConextPlay LED modules can be put together like pieces of a puzzle and thus contacted. In this way, a variety of different shapes can be created.

In a set only €29.90

1m cable USB-C to USB-A

1x feed module with LED

20x male modules with LED

10x female modules with LED

Do you need support? Do you have questions?

Do you need support? Do you have questions?

If you call us, you won't end up in a call center. Our telephone support is there for you Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and will be happy to help with questions about our products.

Help for your LED project

Help for your LED project

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