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MiniMatrix LED area module warm white 24V

1x1 single modules as plate, total 1 mini matrices

  • Miniature size 3x3cm
  • 68 lumen light output
  • Flexible use possible
  • Durable Nichia SMD LEDs

2x2 individual modules as a plate, a total of 4 mini matrices

  • More versatile after size reduction
  • LED spacing remains constant
  • High-quality Nichia SMD LEDs

5x5 individual modules as a plate, a total of 25 mini matrices

  • Compact size: 30x30mm per module
  • Luminous: 75,000lm/m²
  • Reliable Nichia LEDs
  • 5-year manufacturer's warranty

9x1 individual modules as a plate, a total of 9 mini matrices

  • Miniature size for flexible use
  • 75,000lm/sqm luminance
  • Use of 4 LEDs per segment
  • Retention of LED spacing

9x14 individual modules as a plate, a total of 126 mini matrices

  • Nichia HighPower SMD LEDs
  • Compact size of 30x30mm
  • Unbeatable 75,000lm per m²
  • 5 years warranty

9x14 individual modules as a plate, a total of 126 mini matrices

  • High performance with 504 LEDs
  • Compact at 30x30mm size
  • Impressive 75,000lm per m²
  • With 5-year warranty

126 matrices, 504 LEDs with 9175lm

  • mini size, maxi power
  • 75,000lm per square metre
  • 5-year warranty
  • Nichia HighPower SMD LEDs
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MiniMatrix LED area module warm white by LUMITRONIX - Compact, powerful, durable

The LUMITRONIX MiniMatrix LED surface area module warm white 24V is an impressive example of German engineering in the LED sector. Thanks to its compact design and the use of top-quality Nichia SMD LEDs, this module delivers exceptional performance in the smallest of spaces. Its longevity of over 200,000 hours and the possible uncomplicated installation make it the perfect choice for individual lighting projects
The MiniMatrix - A masterpiece from LUMITRONIX

The MiniMatrix LED surface module is part of the Matrix product range from LUMITRONIX, which has been offering LED lighting solutions at convincing prices for over 20 years. The MiniMatrix in particular impresses with its flexible application options, first-class efficiency and remarkable light output. With its slimmed-down dimensions, it is perfectly suited for detailed lighting work without compromising on quality or durability.

Efficiency and functionality in one package
  • Compact and flexible: By reducing the dimensions to 30x30mm, the module can be easily integrated into any lighting project.
  • Highly efficient: With an efficiency of 148 lm/W, an impressive lumen/watt ratio is achieved.
  • Durable: A lifetime of over 200,000 hours guarantees long-term operation.
  • Quality: The use of Nichia light-emitting diodes ensures high, stable light output and natural colour rendering.
  • 5-year warranty: For added safety and confidence.
Nichia LEDs - quality that convinces

As a distributor of Nichia, the market leader in high-power LEDs, we trust in the proven quality and performance of their products. Nichia is considered a pioneer in LED technology and sets standards in terms of colour fidelity, efficiency and service life. The quality of Nichia LEDs in combination with our know-how and our production line in Germany, results in the high-quality and long-lasting LED modules of the MiniMatrix series.

Our commitment to LUMITRONIX and sustainability

As part of LUMITRONIX, we are proud to make LED technology accessible and affordable for end users and businesses. With our products manufactured locally in Germany, we contribute to a sustainable value chain. Our high-quality and long-lasting LEDs help save energy while providing excellent light quality. If you have any questions or special requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can find more information on our website.

FAQ about the MiniMatrix
  1. Can I install the MiniMatrix myself?
    Yes, due to the compact design and the existing holes for screw fixings, simple assembly and installation is possible.

  2. Does the MiniMatrix require cooling?
    The high efficiency of 148lm/watt ensures that the MiniMatrix only gets hand-warm and therefore does not require additional cooling.

  3. What is the light temperature of the MiniMatrix?
    At 2700K, the MiniMatrix produces a warm white light that creates a pleasant atmosphere.

Technical Details
Life cycle (h)
200000 h
Manufacturer code
Efficiency (lm/W)
140 (lm/W)
Luminous flux (lm)
68 (lm)
Color temperature (K)
2700 (K)
CRI (Ra)
Viewing Angle (°)
120 (°)
Power (W)
0.48 (W)
Voltage (V)
24.0 (V)
Electric Current (mA)
20 (mA)
Size (L x W x H)
3.02 cm x 3.02 cm x 0.22 cm
0.003 kg